Journeys in Words and on Wheels
By Dan McIntyre
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About Me


Let's get the intros done...

I'm Dan, in my 30s, currently living in Liversedge, West Yorkshire, UK with my Fiancee Yvonne and her 3 kids Libby, Mat and Joe.

In 2005 I became disabled with a mental illness called Conversion Disorder which, simply put, is when the subconscious doesn't know how to handle a traumatic situation and so converts that trauma into a physical disability.  I have also beaten off Cancer twice (Colon and Prostate) and have failure of my left kidney.

I have been writing since childhood and always enjoyed producing work for others to read.  I have had articles published in various magazines and on a wide range of subjects.

I have also held several full time jobs working in such diverse areas as benefit claims, fraud investigation, administration, database development, proofreading, CV writing and most recently IT support.

I am currently working on my first novel - have a look at Current Projects for more info on that.

For more info please see my About.Me page.

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